After more than 30 years of operation in the filtration and process optimization industry, Filtrindustries consistently meets the highest and most up-to-date environmental standards through the use of fewer filters and the promotion of self-cleaning filtration systems. Nowadays, these considerations also apply to water, air, electricity, and hydrocarbons. The company takes great pride in remaining within budget and always strives to achieve significant filter savings.

Filtrindustries eliminates waste by optimizing existing systems and carefully selecting filter housings with a view to increasing the screen surface area covered and reducing the number of filters trashed. Through enhanced contamination control in industrial processes, it is possible to increase equipment performance while minimizing interruptions in production and reducing maintenance work.

In order to meet industry demands, the company has developed its very own trade mark for the replacement of rare and customized filters. By entrusting Filtrindustries with your filtration systems, you can take full advantage of a wealth of expertise in purification and contamination control for industrial processes!

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