FILTRINDUSTRIES provides tailor-made solutions to cater to the specific needs of your filtration projects, both for rental or purchase purposes. You have specific needs in terms of processes, tests and pilot tests? Not to worry. Filtrindustries will even go as far as designing, modifying, or producing what is necessary, when needed.


Filtrindustries allows you to rent its filter housings to address temporary filtration needs, test upcoming projects as well as to prevent the slowdown or interruption of the production line. In addition, we keep in stock various bag and cartridge filters for your various filtration needs.

All of our housings and mobile units are manufactured to weather the toughest and most demanding work environments. Our housings are equipped with insulating dampers, differential pressure gauges and valves.

Filtration equipment available for rent:

  • Bag filters(single or multiple bags).
  • Cartridge filters(single or multiple cartridges).
  • Basket strainers (passive, semi-automatic and self-cleaning).
  • Self indexing media filter
  • Mobile filtration systems on wheels for all oil types
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Occasionally, companies require filtration units for the short term that must still meet very special or specific needs. Filtrindustries can provide top-of-the-line, tailor-made solutions for the most demanding requirements. Our housing rentals can either be for the short- (4-week minimum) or long-term. 

To date, our rental plans have included the following equipment:

  • Large platform with several housings
  • Duplex units with bag and cartridge filters
  • All kinds of self-cleaning filters
  • Oil-water separation systems.


  • Rapid response to a temporary and critical contamination of your system or industrial equipment.
  • Elimination of interruptions in production through continuous filtration with our duplex units and long-term filtration solutions.
  • Reduction of clean water usage by significantly reducing operating costs (water recycling).
  • Real-time technical support and possibility of gearing filtration systems to expected results.
  • Wide range of equipment with a flow rate between 10 and 3,000 gpm.
  • Better control of start-ups or pilot tests.
  • Single or duplex units on platforms or trailers to allow for a standard fleet of mobile equipment.
  • Possibility of purchase through different rental credit programs.