Kaydon is a world-renowned oil and fuel conditioning and filtration systems manufacturer: fixed or mobile systems.

Specialized products for the removal of solid, water, or varnish contaminants from hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and diesel oil reservoirs. Standard or customized equipment, sold or leased, for unequaled fluid cleanliness.

Advantages (fuel filtration):

  • For reliable performance of internal combustion gas, diesel, or jet fuel engines, fuel must be water- and particle-free. Kaydon manufactures manual and automatic filtration systems that provide unparalleled performance thanks to patented coalescing components.
  • Highly efficient water separation process, with one of the lowest consumption level for replacement filter components.
  • Systems specifically designed for both low and high flow rates, and which require little supervision.
  • Centrifugal separator replacement for equipment that works better, and which is more reliable and more efficient.

Advantages (oil filtration):

  • Kaydon is the definite way to go for thorough oil contamination control. Kaydon is the world’s leader in oil conditioning thanks to the technologies it has developed. The company manufactures highly efficient conditioning and purification systems that outweigh the competition. They consistently surpass expectations and quality standards.
  • Patented systems for turbine oil purification without any waste.
  • Vacuum dehydrators for the removal of water in record time.
  • Mobile oil filtration unit for all types of oil and applications.


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