Air Sentry©

Air Sentry© products are used across the world to improve the reliability and efficiency of mechanical equipment. The company manufactures breathers for contamination control using state-of-the-art technologies. Air Sentry© offers over 150 breather models for all industry types, including pulp and paper mills, wind turbines, aluminum and steel plants, mines and open-pit mines, petrochemistry, the wood industry, etc.

Based on the fact that research groups in the field of fluid energy have confirmed that 75 percent of hydraulic and lubrication system failures are caused by poor contamination control and that the service life of ball bearing systems can be extended at least three-fold by complying with ISO oil cleanliness codes, it is essential to improve contamination control in these systems.


  • Air Sentry© tackles contamination at the first line of defense using breathers. The latter help existing filters in the system by blocking 40 percent to 50 percent of the contamination generated in hydraulic systems, and nearly 80 percent to 95 percent of contaminants in silent reservoirs (storage of various fluids or hydrocarbons) and gear boxes.
  • As it is rather difficult to eliminate water in a cost-effective way in hydraulic or lubrication systems, it is important to refrain from contact with oil or hydrocarbons. Air Sentry© breathers are designed to address these issues very efficiently, especially with the implementation of a rigorous selection process.
  • There is a wide range of breathers available in all reservoir sizes, including made of plastic materials, disposable or permanent models, as well as in all connection sizes, including NPT connections, flange connections, or slip fits.

Standard specifications:

  • Filtration of particles of 2 µm and particles that are more present in the ambient air (compared with 10 µm to 40 µm with standard breathers).
  • Eliminates 95 percent of humidity in the ambient air filtered.
  • Reliable and quick visual inspection thanks to silica gel that changes color.
  • Certain models are interchangeable with popular market products.
  • More silica gel used than the competition, which translates into better water absorption capacity.
  • Standard ½”, 1”, 2”, and 3” connections, designed for all reservoir or gear box types and sizes. “Mini,” standard, and “Giant” series. NPT or BSP threads.

Non-standard specifications:

  • GUARDIAN™ Series with isolation check valves and robustly constructed of Tritan™ for the most demanding applications.
  • Compact Z Series for limited space applications.
  • X Series for high-humidity/high-dust applications.
  • R Series for high-vibration applications.
  • XR Series for rigorous and extreme environment applications (outdoor equipment).
  • M Series, described as a GIANT size and made entirely of metal.
  • Air Sentry provides breathers at the lowest maintenance and purchase cost on the market.
  • Possibility to link several GUARDIAN units together to meet stringent CFM standards and considerably extend the service life of cartridges.
  • Shield wash down cap that allows flushing GUARDIAN breathers with water or cleaning them with compressed air without any risk of damage or contamination.
  • A wide range of adaptors that come with various threads, colors, and accessories for reliable and safe installations, anytime and anywhere.


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