Harvard Corporation

Founded in 1973 in the United States, Harvard Corporation, including its subsidiary Harvard Filtration Canada, develops, manufactures, and distributes the best low-flow oil filters and filtration systems on the market. Harvard seeks to reduce spent oil waste, which currently amounts to an equivalent of the size of an entire ocean. Working towards extending the service life of lubricants, metal machining fluids, and hydraulic oil allows for a significant reduction from the millions of liters of hydrocarbons and chemical products as well as from the millions of replacement filters trashed as hazardous waste in addition to extending the service life of the equipment itself. Harvard is an environmentally responsible company.


  • Compressed multilayered cellulose component that removes particles of a size equal to or smaller than 1 micron. When used adequately off-line, the ISO cleanliness results achieved are often rather impressive.
  • Patented filtrating component that can hold an exceptional amount of dirt: the best weight/dollar ratio on the market.
  • Harvard takes care of simultaneously removing water and particles from oil, all while ensuring an extremely efficient, simple, and cost-effective work process.
  • Acting as an effective and efficient complement to on-line filters (return and pressure filters) used with standard hydraulic systems, Harvard filters and filtration systems also allow considerably reducing the number of replacement components usually trashed.
  • Off-line filter housings in all equipment sizes.
  • Integrated mobile or compact fixed filtration units, extremely easy to operate.

Standard specifications:

  • Line of filter components for all reservoir sizes
  • Electrostatic powder painted carbon steel housings: ¼" NPT to 1" NPT
  • Mobile filtration systems on wheels for all oil types: hydraulic oil, lubricating oil used for gear boxes, bearings, compressors, etc.
  • Mobile filtration systems on wheels for coolants
  • Units that require no supervision during operation

Non-standard specifications:

  • Special high-viscosity filter components
  • Filter components for optimal water removal from oil
  • Filter components for absorbing glycol (antifreeze) from oil
  • Stationary filtration systems that are wall-mounted, static on the floor, or on a platform
  • Stainless steel housings for water-based fluids
  • Dual or oversized housings for high flow rates


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