Sparks Products™ consist of filters and filtration systems designed for any fluid in the gaseous state in applications and critical industrial processes. These products were designed specifically for protecting fans, vacuum pumps, and compressors. Furthermore, they are particularly efficient in air dryers, pneumatic networks, and fuel-tank vents.


  • In-line air filters designed for difficult locations, pipeline servicing stations
  • Heavy-duty fuel-tank vents (breathers) that can tolerate sub-standard environmental conditions
  • Housings for all pressure scales, from complete vacuum to the highest pressure conditions
  • ½” to 24” (standard) flange or bolted connections; larger sizes available as well
  • Standard flow up to 100,000 CFM
  • Enamel carbon steel or stainless steel (304L, 316L), and other complex alloys

Air and gas system filters may be modified swiftly from our standard models to cater to your exact needs, which in turn allows for a reasonable time of delivery while ensuring quick approval of detail drawings.

Non-standard specifications:

  • Bolted or hinged covers with eye bolts
  • Gaskets compatible with any model or operational under any weather condition
  • Special finishes and coatings
  • Rust-proof white enamel (interior)
  • Breather manufacturing for all reservoir types and sizes
  • Covers, hinges, and Davits lifting arm
  • Manometer connections, tripod legs
  • Thicker walls for housings and covers
  • Standard stainless steel safety cages
  • ASME certification, with CRN in all provinces


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