Thompson Strainer

The Thompson Strainer is a unique patented product (U.S. Patent # 5,132,013). Smart and user-friendly, you can use this strainer for a variety of applications in order to remove particles found in water or other fluids. This strainer has a great screen surface area and uses gravity to separate solids from the fluid to be filtered and then screened.

Advantages (the principle):

  • Non-deformable solid particles are flushed via a bottom flush port.
  • Greater screen surface area that contributes to reduced maintenance (conical screen with 3 to 5 times more screen surface area than with standard basket strainers).
  • Heavy-duty screen mesh thicker than standard models.
  • Operates with less than a 1-PSI pressure loss so as to minimize system operating costs.
  • Simple design, no moving parts, and energy-efficient.

Standard specifications for Thompson Strainers:

  • Designs with in/out 2” to 10” ports (NPT, ANSI flange and sanitary flange)
  • 2 port connections for differential pressure cell
  • Standard pressure rating of 150 psig
  • Pump suction or pressure installation
  • Ultra-polished finish

(Available options) Screen selection based upon your specific needs:

  • Wide range of perforated hole-openings from 1/4" to 50 microns
  • Inlet/outlet and flush port positioning based on installation
  • Stainless steel 304 (standard), 316, or alloy of your choice
  • Low-profile or compact model for small spaces
  • Wide selection of materials for gaskets to ensure process compatibility
  • Bolted, clamp, or eye bolt lid type
  • Duplex unit with single control lever
  • High flow potential when linked with manifold connector
  • Quick and flexible design via the SolidWorks design software


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