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Cartouches de dépoussiéreurs
Cartouches de dépoussiéreurs

Dust collector cartridges

Filtrindustries® dust collector cartridges are designed to improve air quality and protect your equipment. Selecting a dust collector cartridge for a specific process is an art form in itself… Let Filtrindustries’ experts advise you based on your particular needs. Be it for a paper, felt, or spun-bond polyester cartridge, or for customized cartridges, we have the ideal product for the enhanced performance of your dust collector.

You can also exchange cartridges manufactured by Torit®, Farr®, BCP, UAS®, AAF®, Empire®, Hoffman®, and several others.

Available options

a) Dimpled pleats provide better performance. This unique component prevents pleats from sticking and allows for steady air flow and pressure.

b) Tandem pleats consist in adding a plastic grid between each pleat, which allows for pleats that are opened and spaced evenly. This option provides for optimal air flow and extends the service life of the cartridge.

c) Polyester felt with backing support is specifically used for dust that is fibrous and which concentrates in small clumps, and when the air/fabric ratio is very high.

d) The Pleat-lock is offered for cartridges with an 80-20 (80% cellulose/20% polyester) medium. This pattern provides pleats with enhanced stability and minimized movement, and hence reduced wear.

e) « Nanofiber » Media :

This media is designed by applying a nanofiber membrane composed by a blend of microfibers on a standard 80/20 media, to bring the initial efficiency to a really high level (Merv 14). Thus, for any severe and harsh application with smokes and really fine particles, that media is the best blend ever that combine efficiency and excellent case release.

f) Various treatments and coatings are also available:



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